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Tesla Forum Flameout (click here to see full post)

Updated: May 12, 2020

My Tesla Forum Story. Part II 4/13/2020

Abstract: Less than 2 pages, after that is ongoing commentary concerning the thread started about me as being “banned”, as it developed, and then a conclusion and a draft of what will most likely be my final post on the forum. Both "bannings" of my account had been labeled by Tesla as blocked but people like to use the term “banned” for effect I guess.

About a year ago I was blocked from the Tesla forum, that story has been told (that was Part I). A short recap is that I pushed the limits to where enough complained about me for Tesla to initiate a one week blocking of my forum account. This is a boilerplate process in where they react to complaints but do not review forum content, in depth, to make a judgement based on a larger body of “evidence”. I was told, at that time, the next “blocking” would be “longer” so here I sit in my "cell" writing this. I was also told the forum would be updated "soon" along with several other things that never happened. I received an email from Tesla that this “block” is for two weeks so, we’ll see. I suppose they could change their mind and I may test it in a couple of weeks but maybe not. Speculation that I was "banned" for making a threat is false and explained later.

The same result, as last time, was expected but I was able to rest concerns about my “well being” this time (more later). In my absence some are obsessed with me and a thread was started about me being "banned"; most that participated in that thread are not focused on or questing truth. Lies are being spun about me and, as usual, there are a few characters trying to come out on top with more lies. Interesting that rawballs is quick to join in on that thread after a long hiatus. I suppose he has been lurking and waiting for an “I told you so” opportunity and would not be surprised if he has continued his complaining about me but I doubt he had much to do with it this time (explanation further down).

Much dialog conducted by many members, including myself, is to tear down credibility of other users with different motivations behind the activity. Some are just mean, some want to position and posture, some want to flush out truth, some want to turn off others from Tesla and so on. I had no way to inform anyone of my status when my account was blocked so I went to TMC to inform of my status (cross pollination happens and as predicted it did) more on my TMC experience later. The comments about myself being “threatening” are true. Most that are pushed back on take it as threatening in my experience. As to me being rude well it depends on who you are, how you label rude, and how it matters. We have one of the rudest people I have seen as POTUS and about half of Americans love him. There are many adults posting on the forum with whines one would hear from a child, my intention was to give some tough love to get them to man or woman up. I tried and failed based on the outcome. I am not afraid to fail since that is how I learn; what I learned is not what some others hoped for.

The making threats remark stems from a single post where I said: “remember William I know where you live”. That post had no other content in it. Of course EVIL FISHEV, Maxxer aka FactDoc, rxlawdude, SCCRENDO and others turned that into me making a threat that I would actually go to someone’s home. That extreme interpretation fits their narrative perfectly. AFAIK no one on the forum has identified themselves as “William”. I made that remark after those idiots went with a back and forth saying things to the effect I am crazy, paranoid, a gun nut, dangerous, and so on. I do have a friend named William and I know where he lives : ). Some have made actual threats of physical violence and I have not witnessed action taken against them or mention of such.

Vitriol is Vitriol and I am direct with it where many feel they are less guilty by being subtle. insults all have the same intention no matter which words are used. Alleged working professionals can dish it out but when they are "attacked" the crybaby snowflakes run to mommy (an admin) and cry about it. Everyone on the forum is anonymous to each other unless they hooked up somehow, have admin access, or compromised accounts (more later).

As expected the thread about my “banning” garnered considerable attention before it was removed. There is a glimmer of hope that some are noticing I am not the only one stirring the pot and causing “issues” and that some others, in fact, are worthy of being “banned”. Many wonder, including myself, why those others have not been banned. I believe it is possible some are banned on a regular basis and use an IP spoof method to continue their campaigns. This would be more easily enabled on a forum where multiple users can have exact same user name, which is the case on the Tesla forum. It is possible some do get banned and no one really notices and they simply return after a boilerplate time out. Lastly, maybe, complaints about others do not get to critical mass. I know I have never complained to admins and some others have expressed the same (not in our makeup to run to mommy). In all cases it is clear to me Tesla is incompetent in forum management. Resurrection of necro threads by spammers with real user names still happens frequently, that alone is a red flag. Members can have same user name, access was "accidently" granted to a user that snooped around in the system once, vetting of accounts is spotty and some trolls have been at it for years.

Okay now for my fun over at TMC. So I posted a thread with title: Hello and Goodbye. I started the thread on Good Friday (same day I was suspended from the Tesla forum). The thread lasted until Easter Sunday before they banned me there (so it is incorrect to say I lasted less than a day there). The original intention of that thread was simply a status update (relying on cross pollination) trying to rest any concerns about my “well being”. I got so much more out of it than my wildest expectations. The thread actually started to go viral relative to other new threads started there. The natives became very restless and attacked me relentlessly. Compared to stuff I posted on the Tesla forum that stuff was totally nuts, which at first seemed amusing but then it turned into some real data for me to see how over the top they went. It was like watching a group of young chimps locked in a small cage screaming and hollering.

In my TMC thread I refrained from doing any attacking or any use of vitriol ad hominem etc. I did not get defensive nor did I reply to any attacks. It reached the point where people were getting upset with the mods for not doing their job. It made Tesla people look much worse than anything I have seen on the Tesla forum. I suspect TMC reacted to complaints from advertisers since the thread went on for 10 pages over 3 days. After I was banned from TMC I wrote them a letter thanking them for allowing the thread to go on as long as it did, it served the original purpose of cross pollination. That thread got over 5000 views and over 100 replies from other “punters”, than myself, and looking around that forum it was a pretty high count for such a short period of time. I have never been a group thinker nor do I pander to become part of a tribe. Enjoy!


Ongoing commentary on a thread started about me by Joshan:

So that thread is now a bit over an hour old and is two pages long. I see some are reflecting (a good thing) and some are justifying their hatred of me even making up fake stats. Some of the most innocuous and “well liked” forum members are haters. They appear nice but deep down they are filled with hate. Pissing on my grave remarks demonstrate true hate. Haters gonna hate.

lbowroom states: “I don't understand why truth takes a backseat to civility.” HALLEUJAH

But what I don't understand is why truth takes a backseat to lies.

vmulla states: “I'm actually struggling with this one, I mean what's the point of civility if it's an exercise to subvert the truth?” HALLEUJAH

rawballs is hedging his bet with commentary about assuming I am perma banned but if not then… He is also continuing lies and making up new lies claiming he has knowledge about what was discussed between myself and Tesla. I was sincere about not returning but he put bait out for me to prove him wrong, seems strange and it should seem strange to others also. If he claims to have inside knowledge then his hedging shows he does not Q.E.D. Discussing details of what is going on with forum members does not happen and would be a liability on Tesla if he tried to present any proof of that happening; trying to present rhetoric as proof is the staple of a troll. Tesla was very careful to not discuss activities of anyone else with me so I am confident rawballs is fabricating more BS just like his working with Tesla legal BS. It is very interesting to see who is taking advantage of me not being able to defend myself and spin more lies about me.

Joshan is happy he is not being called a bully but he started a thread about me and has conducted some trash talking about me, himself, knowing I am unable to defend myself in the thread. He is a punter, coward, bully.

andy.connor.c does not think of himself as a troll but is quick to feed trolling and pass judgement on others. Andy is a troll.

I have never watched ‘survivor’ but had it described to me. Reshuffling of alliances is what I understand the show is about. I see that happening on the forum, I see the entertainment value when I am the focus of attention but otherwise, meh.

Joshan writes: "100 posts in like 2 hours and no blatant attacks, terrible name calling, mentions of a delete gang or fanbois". He must feel the remarks made about me in my announced absence is not attacking especially when one is not able to defend themselves. Joshan is a scorned coward and a bully.

Kind of fun watching attempts at realignment and tribe members turning on each other. Beginning to understand why survivor was a hit show.

I wished I saved screenshots of the TMC deal; it actually went for 10 pages and I am pretty sure outsiders would have wondered if Tesla defenders are cultists after reading the posts there.

Not even noon yet and 3 pages now of the “banned” thread, Joshan is trying so hard to control the board and is laying bait for Bighorn and jallred to join in. Can they resist?

Lbowroom still butthurt over me pushing back on him concerning aftermarket stuff and potential warranty impact, a good soldier fighting for his cause. The “new” complainers that most likely tipped it this time are probably FactDoc and SCCRENDO and rxlawdude. They completely lost their shit several times when engaging me and no one else is to blame for losing your own shit except yourself, that includes me. These people claim to be working professionals with family and children. I feel sorry for those they associate with in real life. People get a quick idea of what I am about (I do not suppress) so they can decide quickly if they want to be around me or not. I suspect the "suspects" are deceitful by nature.

Too funny andy.c claiming I was successful at starting trouble and getting people to go after each other. It appears in my absence that has not stopped and andy.c is doing what he always does, fans flames and tries to negatively judge others for doing same. He gets my vote of biggest hypocrite of all. Reminds me of Trump saying he takes no responsibility at all.

Just after noon and the emboldened come out of the woodwork to trash talk me and piss on my grave in my absence. Sad to see some are buying into me making a threat to someone on the forum based on a suggestion planted in their head, much hope is lost.

The judgements on me continue without a feather of reflection on the participant’s own behavior. Joshan does make an admission of being a bad boy but this is one of many times he has done that and reengages. Lonestar prays for my wife’s strength without need to do so, she is 100X the person anyone one of us could aspire to be.

So many haters with so much hate.

Interesting to see where each individual draws a line between being aggressive. We live in a world now where sugar coating to deceive is common. A world where people aspire to get a thumbs up, a world of pandering in order to get an ego stroke.

TMC is a great example of society gone wrong. The assigning of labels at the top of a thread (one I got, of many, was “crybaby”) which is exactly what many get pissed off about on the Tesla forum. If I call someone a crybaby directly the crybabies cry about being called one. Putting a label at the top of a thread, anonymously, is cowardly. TMC takes the personal attacks and turns them into label attacks, sad and somehow the members think it is okay.

So many man/women children leaves me SMH.

This is rich, Maxxer aka FactDoc trying to emerge as a hero. Laying claim he created bait threads in order to get me booted. Any regular following his posts must realize he is truly unhinged. Expect him to go back and cleanup threads, if he can. Similar story with SCCRENDO although he did not bait he became totally unhinged, not a good look for an alleged working professional doctor.

rawballs is back with feigned sincerity. Rambling manifesto is his game piece and most likely does not understand what a manifesto is. The fact is he did everything in his power in attempt to prevent me distributing my story even got me blocked on Craigslist for a week but Tesla never tried to stop me even when I provided links to get my story on the forum. He must have been beside himself since Tesla did not try to block me. Distributing my story was the motivation for Tesla to reach out to me and they had no issue with the story.

One should ask why would Tesla let me return the first time and continue for close to a year and send me an email saying I will be able to return after two weeks this time. Sure a time out allows one to reflect and “reform” but it appears to me the “banned” thread is not creating the type of reflection many participants would benefit from. People will try to justify with ‘well he was not as bad as the first time’ but he lost his shit so hence the second suspension. I actually never lost my shit, never behaved differently except for toning down profanity, and suspect those that did are shamefully trying to deflect from their weaknesses. The ones claiming they baited me into losing it used and use profanity extensively. As several have observed there are others that lose their shit and they post away continuously. It is all about critical mass of complaints, nothing more. Maxxer has announced he will be deleting what he now trying to call “bait” threads and some seem to be buying into that yarn.

Howard shows up to spin a CT that I am still on the forum as a sock. I suppose with some effort I could setup another account with a “spoofed IP” but there is value in letting the “gang” figure out who is who. Howard does not seem to be a liar but he is not short on misguided notions.

Several are bonding and reveling in my absence. They feel good about themselves, little people they are. I can only hope that some I respect, on the forum, do not participate in the thread; their absence speaks volumes. If they do participate it will be interesting to read their take.

And right after I type that Red in exile speaks up, nice to hear his take. I can assure you Red that I would most likely have ignored your astute advice. You know how I feel about not standing up against troll lies. The forum is not so important to me for me to back down on what had become my mission there. The trolls have power; they most likely use sock accounts and spoofed IP addresses. They are not afraid of being banned most likely because they have work arounds. This is all on Tesla and, IMO, reinforces my thoughts and observations concerning a sick company culture. I have worked in several corporations with horrible factions of sick culture. It was always about one project team’s budget being threatened by another team’s budget. I suspect most inside of Tesla are now motivated by fear and not respect. Early on it was about the mission but Tesla is a revolving door for professional and workers alike and now it is about getting talent cheap.

Funny Maxxer is trying to sell Joshan and others he went full tilt to get me banned. How does that story actually work? Is Tesla allowing others to post the most vile nonsense like “dirty Russian Jew” in order to get someone banned. Was the level of his vitriol needed to get me banned? Joshan is buying it hook line and sinker. Joshan has campaigned a lot for people to join TMC but maybe he struck out trying to get a following there and is trying to be a troll leader on the Tesla forum.

Maxxer trying to lay blame on the maleficence of others and himself on me. It is always a blame game when people lose their shit, they assign cause to the wrong thing. Joshan is weakly standing up a bit but is trying to still lead by throwing others under the bus.

Now Joshan is reveling in the thread he started with the false claim it was to be informative of my status only. He is conducting a full fledged power play by spinning untruths. He is trying to sell that I attack everyone on the forum. I maintain a forceful disagreement is not an attack. I do attack many, for sure, but also have had many good exchanges. I have had a few comeback and post, after what they thought was an attack, and thank me. A few others see no issue with my dialog. Joshan is an exaggerating liar

Maxxer now stating I was “forcing” people to be for me or against me. Can anyone explain how an anonymous person in chat room uses force? I have never contacted Tesla but several have admitted to doing so. That is the only “forcing” that I am aware of.

Twizzler (a new name to me) says he prefers truth+rude over civil+lies, I like it.

Rob asks tanya if she has ever been “suspended”, she deflects

Howard asks Joshan to delete thread, why did Howard say anything other than that previously?

Joshan says he will delete thread soon but, IMO, most likely struggling because the attention he thinks he is getting. More exaggeration saying most embrace the thread where the truth is most are most likely embarrassed by it and not participating. Howard is correct about usual suspects, including himself, participating but is still unhinged with a CT that I am still there as sock.

Four pages of mostly bashing me with the thread being at the top spot on the model 3 forum all day long. I label most of the participants dog kickers, they are all powerful when the dog is not expected to bite.

Tanya still deflects using the word “expelled” when she was asked if she was “suspended”.

Lonestar is correct about secret agendas. I have been totally upfront with my agenda, fighting troll liars. Most everyone else in that thread has a secret agenda and Joshan’s is the most disgusting. FISHEV has an obvious agenda. The agendas are not obvious to everyone, unfortunately, as proclaimed by Lonestar.

FISHEV posts I was banned from TMC after 20 minutes of putting up a manifesto. Nope no manifesto just a simple Hello Goodbye explaining the cross pollination attempt to inform others here. As explained I started the thread on Good Friday and it was removed, consequently, with me being banned on Easter Sunday. Almost seem poetic to me in some way. Is FISHEV trying to convince others he is omnipresent now? LOL. The “banned” thread is now 4 pages long. Started at about 9am and it is now about 5pm.

Joshan seems to confirm FISHEV’s claim I was banned from TMC after posting a manifesto but does say FISHEV would be banned from TMC posting the BS he does. Last thing I posted there was a humorous jpg showing a picture of Jordan Peele saying he is the Loco one in the gang. Maybe posting a picture of a black guy pretending to be crazy was too scary for them?

Maxxer now trying to come across as being “normal” by posting a link to a Sandy Munro Y teardown in the thread about me being banned. Very transparent what his trying to do. He could have just started a new thread but he needs to attempt to establish credibility in the thread that is focused on tearing me down (see what I did there).

Vmulla back in with a dig at FISHEV

M-A-B with another fun dig at FISHEV’s bible bit, mixing a bible quote with a groundhog day reference, clever and funny. Earlier he commented my absence means less forum noise, maybe true, but the noise that will continue will be unchecked lies from trolls. Certainly a lot of noise in the thread about my banning basically consuming the model 3 forum today. I wonder if these guys were around when several of us spent many late night hours wearing our fingers out flagging spam bot posts. The model 3 was fairly new then and the forum was impossible to use. We had a crew all on the same page trying to keep relevant posts near the top.

FactDoc aka Maxxer preaching: ‘just base dialog on facts’. This is the guy that made up lies claiming to bait me into being able to complain about me. The reason several refer to him as Fake Doc is because of all the lies he has spun.

Uncle Paul chimes in with a post about Karma and TSLA price, we will see how it goes. The world economy has not even begun to see the long term effect of record unemployment. No one is prepared for the poverty that looms. Maybe enough rich people can keep it going but the middle class will be out for a very long time, cheap gas and relaxed emission standards, and other upcoming stimulus that will favor ICE and oil will make it a tough road ahead. We will not get back to normal in a few months.

Day 2 April 14, 2020

Rehutton writes: “If M8B got banned on this forum, how is it I’ve seen him posting today in other threads?” Hmm an impersonator? Hopefully those threads will be pointed out or linked to. Most likely a mistaken observation.

Joshan keeping the thread alive he is feeding the attention getter.

I am still amazed how some of the alleged professional working doctors have so much time to post especially during a pandemic. Something not right with that either.

Looks like my TSLA 420 thread was bumped up, I hope people realize the market bump (not just TSLA) is mostly based on short squeeze action, do they not see what will happen in a month or two as millions are still out of work and the foundation of the country, the food supply, undergoes collapse? People will reenter the job market with lower wages. Credit Suisse did upgrade TSLA to $580 today so that is fueling some irrational exuberance, IMO. Tesla furloughing non critical employees, cutting executive salaries 30%, and now trying to renegotiate leases and rent. Trying hard to keep the picture looking good but with tight times ahead, who are the new buyers? People are not suddenly going to stop dying and fear will prevail for a long time. Tesla is a consumer cyclical and as a high dollar item I do not see it holding up to the long term impact of record unemployment. The rich may get richer but they will tighten their belts to do so.

EVIL FISHEV pipes in trying to direct traffic asking for a deletion of the thread, the thread is not going well for him. FactDoc is aligning with him and he continues to get booed at.

FactDoc and EVIL FISHEV posting frequently in a lot of threads using their “tricks” of trying to gain confidence from others. They are conmen. Most regulars have seen the rinse and repeat of their show. Most people have short memories and in a few weeks they will control the board.

Page 5 of thread

FactDoc trying to take credit for my suspension claiming he made me threaten someone. Fact is I am not permanently banned (that I know of) and many actual threats have been made by other users that post regularly. Nothing he says adds up and much is made up. Not surprising coming from someone who self aggrandizes regularly.

Usual suspects talking about getting others banned, all little people. I never attempted to get anyone in trouble on the forum and never reached out to forum “officials” to try and get anyone in trouble. Those that do are little, those that relish in doing so are even smaller. Tesla is fully capable of managing and monitoring the forum and they do so by a tally of complaints not content. I disagree with the method. Another reason for me to become jaded on how Tesla works internally.

I may have to return with a flame out last post to dispel the notion that someone can get someone permanently banned. Many thought EaglesPDX was perma banned but someone is posting, currently, with that user name and the “original” EaglesPDX returned as FISHEV. Memories are short and a troll tool is to use that to their advantage. All farts in the wind but I find them disgusting and evil.

Ronjolly pipes in with glee that I have been “banned”. I have minions? The hypocrisy of people claiming I trashed them and pissed on their grave yet they are pissing on my grave. Not one of them demonstrating “class” that they can take a higher road. They are unable to see themselves for what they truly are.

Effusekay pipes in with a good riddance. I can respect that he shared his opinion and sentiment without really spreading more trash.

And poof at about 10am the thread is gone. Good thing because I was getting tired of journaling it.



I have spent a few years on the forum. I like the car and found some useful information on the forum but not really much that I did not already know about EV’s, in general. I believe Tesla has a good mission statement but economics creates a situation where the mission is lost among more and more on the inside as talent comes and goes, I have lived that scenario several times in companies transitioning. The forum started nice and mellow, I am sure, but in my early days here many gullible folks were being taken in by obvious disruptors, liars, and mythmakers. The forum was frequently attacked by spam bots and there were more regular anti Tesla types, just here for the reason to crap on Tesla.

After spending some time on the forum several “influencers” came across to me as a bit snobby, alleged, professionals that caught my attention. A common reply to some was "Tesla is a thinking person's car" or "RTFM" and I also fell into the trap of using that remark. Reality is not everyone wishes to elevate themselves to becoming a snob and or "thinking person", in fact the goal of FSD is to take over the driving task from those of us that would enjoy not having to think about driving once in while. I grew up blue collar and did not start college until I was 25. I felt more of regular person (locker room talk boy) might be a good personality to add to the forum mix. Some understood where I was coming from but many felt I was presenting a bad image. There is definitely a difference of opinions on who makes for a good brand ambassador but I can assure you that most that replied to my thread, on TMC, came across as scary cultist types not a good look IMO.

It appears Tesla is doing bare minimum on the forum and allowing some very evil people remain there unchecked. Either evil ones are banned regularly using IP tricks to reappear, or something else, but it is clear they remain unchecked. The most glaring flaw in the forum is where multiple users can have the same user name . I have come to the realization that forum management does not make sense to me so and IMO the forum is flawed at the root. Having witnessed many infiltrations including accidental granting of access and untrustworthy communication with "Tesla" concerning the forum I really do not trust the people running the show.

My brief stint on TMC was far from what I expected. The rudeness and all the built in labeling tools to label people with rude labels is much worse that what I see on the Tesla forum. It appears to be part of Tesla culture and current culture overall. It reminds me of the porcupine and Porsche joke only Tesla is the new Porsche. I am not as motivated to extoll virtues of anything concerning Tesla anymore. The continued allowance of some Tesla trashers to continue for years and tattling by some butt hurt alleged professionals no longer make the forum appealing to me. I will not trash talk Tesla or try to dissuade others from getting a Tesla but my enthusiasm concerning the company is at a low. I was “banned” once and still had much enthusiasm, if not more, upon my return back then this time not so much.

Trolls on the Tesla website have taken me down and Tesla has enabled that activity in their own yard, something very wrong about that enabling. I spent a lot of time trying to dispel lies on the forum and many of the complaints I have read are from people that felt they were lied to or deceived by Tesla or someone that sold them on Tesla. My goal is truth.

Parting thought: what is the goal of a suspension punishment? Is it to give pause for reflection? Does the pause create more enthusiasm for Tesla or animosity from those involved? Seems to me the punishment has more of an effect of emboldening trolls and haters consequently turning off those that are punished and those that are supportive of the punished. So why are so many trolls able to continue a relentless agenda of Tesla bashing on the site, why are they not punished? Tesla does not monitor and all punishment is a result of tattling by other forum members. So depending on who is a butt hurt crybaby, how many, and how hard they cry to mommy, a member gets punished. People are gaming the forum with sock accounts, impersonation, spoofed IPs, deception, etc. Tesla created the campsite and it is not a good place to camp. I take it as a poor reflection on Tesla’s culture.

I like to think of a forum as a campsite. I was brought up to leave a site cleaner than when I found it. Forum was a shit show when I found it and, IMO, it has not improved much and maybe is worse. I noticed a marked decrease in enthusiasts and defenders of truth. Trolls will attempt to spin it that I drove people away and I did drive away many that were trashing the site; I failed to clean up the pretentious self aggrandizing haters, the ones that are not there to share enthusiasm and help others, the ones with an agenda of disruption and anarchy. While I attempted to be a guardian of truth the agenda that is winning is the one put forth by disruptors, liars, and bashers of Tesla. I spent many evenings wearing out fingertips battling spam bot attacks, helped expose hidden agenda, spanked adult crybabies, stood up to misguided leader wanna bees, and faced off with Tesla bashers. I leave this campsite still filled with filthy disgusting trolls, whiners, and wankers and with only a few good soldiers willing camp in filth.


Draft of final Post I am considering posting on the forum"

Title: Kicking toothless dogs

Most participants in the “banned” thread started by Joshan are not afraid to kick a toothless dog. I respect those that refrained from participating in that thread, except for the following and the comments they left.

lbowroom states: “I don't understand why truth takes a backseat to civility.” HALLEUJAH

vmulla states: “I'm actually struggling with this one, I mean what's the point of civility if it's an exercise to subvert the truth?” HALLEUJAH

Effusekay pipes in with a good riddance. I can respect that he shared his opinion and sentiment without really spreading more trash.

Red in exile was Supportive but I would have ignored his advice to ignore, not in my makeup. I try to cleanup dirty campsites when I find them.

Twizzler (a new name to me) says he prefers truth+rude over civil+lies, I like it. Of course the ideal is civil + truth but fighting an unchecked agenda of lies sometimes requires one get dirty.

I like to think of a forum as a campsite. I was brought up to leave a site cleaner than when I found it. Forum was a shit show when I found it and, IMO, it has not improved much and maybe is worse. I noticed a marked decrease in enthusiasts and defenders of truth. Some will attempt to spin it that I drove people away and I did drive away many that were trashing the site; I failed to clean up the pretentious self aggrandizing haters, the ones that are not there to share enthusiasm, help others, squash lies, the ones with hidden agendas including disruption and anarchy. While I attempted to be a guardian of truth the agenda that is winning is the one put forth by disruptors, liars, and bashers of Tesla. I spent many evenings wearing out finger tips helping to battle spam bot attacks, helped to keep light on and expose hidden agendas and helped in the fight against Tesla bashers. I leave this site with butthurt vitriolic dramatic crybabies that can dish it out and run and cry to mommy when met with amplified vitriolic drama in return. I leave this campsite still filled with filthy disgusting trolls, whiners, and wankers and with only a few good soldiers willing camp in filth.

I am not a vindictive revengeful sort but I do enjoy stories where justifiable revenge wins. The lie that I threatened someone stems from one post where I said: “remember William I know where you live”. I made that post after rxlawdude, FactDoc, and SCCRENDO and FISHEV had a back and forth teasing I was a crazy paranoid dangerous gun nut. To the best of my knowledge no one on the forum has identified themselves as William. I do have a friend named William and I know where he lives : ). Those that do participate in the forum are being misled by FactDoc when he claims he baited me into being able to complain about me. If you read his posts over the past few months they contained the most vulgar and profane language and ridiculous comments, much worse than anything I said. Does anyone believe Tesla would sanction such activity in order to get me suspended for a couple weeks? If it is true then who feels that is cool to do?

Lastly I believe in chaos theory and the butterfly effect. Anything published on line has the potential to influence and while I do feel the Tesla forum is a backwater anyone telling you that what is said there cannot influence stock price or make a difference is an idiot. If a complaint is justified and voiced, without being a crybaby, it is met with respect the majority of the time and helpful advice is offered to try and resolve. If a complaint is a selfish whine it gets slammed by myself and some others. I suppose the goal behind the bannings is to tone things down but the result is suppression and oppression.

Remember YMMV.

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