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Treasure Hunt #2    8/13/2019
Hunt Master: Magic 8 Ball

Treasure wrapped in black bag

The Clues:
San Mateo/Foster City CA (Bridgepoint Shopping Center) Superchargers
Stall 2A is the start
Head off in the 38° direction
Stop at Red Ball #3
Head off in the 320° direction until you get to sidewalk walkway
Do not incur a  $250 fine
Start on path in 230° direction keep on path
Don't be a card and cross any roads or streets
Your landmark is concrete steps and don't be alarmed. 
You are 13 paces from treasure.
Small animals looking up will find it easily. 

This Hunt is Over Won by jjgunn Congratulations

New clue:

When you see this you are an arms reach away

Hunt was solved on 8/22/2019
Treasure Hunt #1    8/5/2019
Hunt Master: Magic 8 Ball

Treasure hidden in pot which will be hidden near supercharging site. Picture contains a clue.

The clues:

San Carlos, CA superchargers.
222 degrees and you will see old glory in her full glory: get to her base
140 degrees till you get to the stop sign easily seen from your starting point
~36 paces more gets you to the first clue (visible in picture) if you measure up.
If clue goes missing don't let that handicap you.
36 more paces (not telling direction) gets you to treasure,not garbage, hopefully you will not be too drained when you find it.

This Hunt is Over Won by jjgunn Congratulations

Hunt was solved on 8/7/2019

The 1st Treasure

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